About the Course

The Initial Training Course for Cabin Crew was created with the aim of entering a professional area of the future and fulfilling your dream of being a cabin crew member.

By doing this training, you will have the opportunity to have a theoretical and practical component, learning what you need to develop a career nationally and internationally.

About the Course

For those who thought that being an Airline Cabin Crew was a difficult dream to achieve, the ESCC is the tool that will give you the “WINGS” to achieve that dream.

European School for Cabin Crew

EUROPEAN SCHOOL FOR CABIN CREW, through a partnership with ATLÂNTICA-Escola Universitária and several International Airlines, is a school Initial training for cabin crew.


The issuance of an European Cabin Crew Attestation Card in accordance with the European Aviation Safety Agency (www.easa.europa.eu), opens the possibility for you to begin career in a new professional area, which doesn’t limited You to just work in your country.

More information

We clarify all questions


A comprehensive program of theoretical and practical knowledge about aviation in general.


Some basic requirements are required at the level of Literacy and Medical Care


Total 114 hours of training, with half theoretical classes and half with practical classes


10% in the application form; 40% until the end of the first week of the course and the rest until the end of the 4th week of the course.


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